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Finding Your Inner Guitar Hero

David Fiuczynski David Fiuczynski Photo by Morrice Blackwell

Have you played Guitar Hero and are now ready for the real thing? This article will share some practical advice from a professional player that will help you get started.

Although it takes more than just American Idol dreams to be a great guitarist, anyone can learn to play the guitar. Whether you want to rock like Eric Clapton or groove the Latin beats of Carlos Santana, it all starts by choosing the right teacher.

"As a novice, you need a teacher who understands that to maintain enthusiasm for practicing ... you have to get some results quite quickly," said Grammy-nominated writer and guitarist Miles Gilderdale of Acoustic Alchemy. A student needs "a teacher who can give you some simple but very effective studies which sound like "real" playing early on." Gilderdale also believes that, "good grounding in technique is essential."

An accomplished player requires more intensive teaching. "I think the huge advantage of a lesson with a pro is that you're also learning from his experience of stage-craft (something which can only be lived). These guys can also save you a ton of time and money by advising your selection of a practical, quality instrument," said Gilderdale.

Perhaps the most important component of learning the guitar is making sure you practice. "The best teacher in the world can do nothing for you if you don't take his advice away and slave over it for hours and hours and hours. A guitar lesson with Larry Carlton will not lead to better playing unless you go away and start to institute his direction," said Gilderdale.

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