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Home Entertainment Systems for Beginners


Do you want the thrill of the big sound of a live concert in your home? Ditch that 80s boom box for a home entertainment system and set your jazz free.

Home music devices come in various shapes and sizes. From the compact electronics to large systems designed for surround sound, there is something for everyone. We’ve provided a simplified overview for our readers below.

Large systems:

One of the key components to consider in any sound install is the quality and quantity of the speakers. According to the Hi-Fi Fo-Fum website, a St. Louis, Mo. retailer, “The idea is to put lots of speakers in lots of places where you are going to be. We can fix it so you can control the volume, change the station, advance the track on the CD and even let you listen to entirely different stuff than what’s playing on the main system elsewhere in your home.”

Before you purchase any components, be sure to do your research. If you’re looking to purchase a large system, it may be more efficient to hire a pro for the install.

Compact electronics:

If the idea of purchasing a complete stereo system seems overwhelming and you desire simplicity, you might want to consider a music streaming device. When we were researching stereo systems for this article, we stumbled upon an article by CNET that proclaimed the Logitech Squeezebox Radio as the “Best budget streaming music gadget.” According to CNET, the price range is under $210.

For newbies, buying any a system of any size may be overwhelming. If you’re looking for tips on home audio, a great place for reviews and “how-to” advice is

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