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Jazz Fashion Advice from the Stars

Are you getting ready for a night of jazz music but are unsure of what to wear?  Looking great and having a good time has never been easier.  We asked a couple of our jazzy friends for advice. Here is what they had to say:

“My idea of Jazz fashion for a night on the town is a look of edgy elegance, keeping it classy and sophisticated with the right balance of sass and sex appeal.  Statement high heels, and one bold (leopard print) or “bling” accessory can make your look pop.  Hair can make or break ones overall look.  Start with a great haircut, one that reflects your personality and can be styled to change with your moods.  Makeup - natural, clean and simple accentuating one feature, eyes or lips,” said vocalist Lisa McClowry, who is also a frequent collaborator with Jim Peterik (Grammy award-winner, Oscar nominee for “Eye Of The Tiger,” writer of “The Search Is Over,” “Hold On Loosely,” and “Vehicle”)

McClowry also suggests creating a bit of sexy mystery to set the fashion mood, while sharing a bit of sage advice. “Show a little skin to keep the look feminine and sensual, but always maintain the element of mystery. Number one fashion tip:  Be real, be yourself and let that shine through.  Your cloths are simply an extension of who you are inside.  Communicate that through fashion!”

Are you curious about the favorite fashion accessory of your favorite jazz stars?  Contemporary jazz saxophonist said, “My best accessory is my saxophone.  It's my best jewelry.  Nothing beats it!”

For the guys, jazz fashion takes a more tailored, laidback approach.  “LA is very casual, so nice jeans and a well-fitting long sleeve shirt (Calvin Klein or Perry Ellis) is fine … Or the shirt with gray or black/navy slacks. Italian styled slip on shoes,” said Jonathan Widran, renowned smooth jazz journalist.

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