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Keiko Matsui's 'Gift of Life' EP

Keiko Matsui is working on her second cancer treatment fundraiser and proving jazz artists have a voice of support to offer the world. Keiko's 25+ city worldwide tour and Gift Of Life EP benefit the National Marrow Donor Program and the Marrow Foundation as well as their organizations and chapters. Mrs. Matsui is no stranger to benefits aimed at curing cancer and has offered her talents in other occasions (Say It, Fight It, Cure It and A Gift of Hope). While working with the likes of world-class ice skaters; Kristi Yamaguchi and Ekaterina Gordeeva, to members of the press like James Brown from Fox TV Sports, Matsui has brought her humanitarian efforts to the forefront of jazz. She has opened her music to many people around the world and as her music has reached listeners across five continents, her intensity for finding a cure for cancer grows even larger. In a profound way, Keiko has shown the best of what jazz artist have to offer the world, the healing power of music. 100% of the proceeds from her new EP release, 'Gift of Life' will go to the National Bone Marrow Donor Program with the intent of raising awareness for the need of minorities especially, Asians needing to be tested as a donor and / or recipient. , This is Keiko's second EP and tour for a charity. The first was called the "Pink Tour" and the EP was called Gift Of Hope benefiting the Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization in 1997. This was soon after the release of the CD, Dream Walk in the fall of 1996.

Keiko will be kicking off her benefit tour on July 28th at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach California. Keiko's new label, Narada Jazz is releasing the four-tune EP project as a fundraising and educational tool. This mini tour will consist of six dates on the West Coast to add funds and awareness to the campaign. It must be noted this is a particularly large sacrifice of time and resources for Keiko given her very busy schedule the last 12 months. Keiko Matsui has been working on music projects at a feverish pace since 2000 and the result is an astounding body of work. After touring with her electric band on the 'Whisper >From The Mirror' tour and performing on BET for her second live concert video, You would think she would have been ready for a break. Not this lady! Keiko immediately began to work up arrangements for a second leg acoustic tour with Bob James in a "four - hands", one piano context. The rewards of this pairing was the joy of relearning the piano for duo performance and the intense artistry of re-working tunes they had performed with a full electric band. During their "four-hands" performance at the Oasis Smooth Jazz Awards in Chicago, Keiko was awarded her second, Best Female Jazz Artist award. After the end of this unprecedented tour, Keiko went to work on her husband Kazu's new CD 'Bamboo' (in which she performs all of the piano parts). As a mother of two daughters, Keiko finds a never-ending well of energy to create great works. Mrs. Matsui found enough creativity and time to complete her new CD, 'Deep Blue'. With 'Deep Blue', Keiko extends her meditative elements touched upon in previous works, ('The Piano' -Japan release and 'Whisper from The Mirror'). This would be a great companion to the 'Gift of Life ' benefit CD and anyone looking for soothing instrumental music can benefit from the open space and textures offered in the new Narada releases and of course the work she does on her Husband / producer, Kazu's CD's as well. If you want to hear these selections on the radio, don't forget to request tunes from your favorite artist via your smooth jazz and contemporary FM stations. Keiko will be performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on Friday March 29th next year so check it out on TV if you are unable to attend. A grand concert and ethereal, rooving experience awaits you from one of the great modern innovators of instrumental music available today. Enjoy it!

'Gift of Life' song titles total time 17 minutes "Beyond The Light" Solo acoustic piano version previously unavailable ("Whisper From The Mirror"). "Between The Moons"- Full length CD version from "Whisper From The Mirror". "Crescent Night Dream" - From 'Deep Blue'. "Hope"- Solo piano composition originally recorded on the Gift Of Hope EP benefiting the Y-Me Brest Cancer Organization. All compositions were written by Keiko Matsui and produced by Kazu Matsui. Derek Nakamoto arranged "Between The Moons" and "Crescent Night Dream"


Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Wherehouse Music and Jazziz magazine are sponsors and you can find additional information at Keiko's web site @ or Keiko's Label @ For info via Jazziz Magazine try and for the National Marrow Donor Program, log on to for info in joining Keiko and her sponsors wipe out cancer with a jazz touch.

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