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Memories of Jazz Fest in New Orleans

I remember the first time I attended Jazz Fest. I was in my freshman year in college and a group of teachers brought us. When I arrived there, it was amazing! There were thousands of people walking around with bottles of water, beer, Cokes and sno-balls. The tents featured various styles of music;gospel, jazz, blues, and world music. I loved the jazz tent the most. The beautiful sounds of the piano, trumpet and saxophone were breathtaking. I visited the food vendors and the amount of delicacies were enormous! I bought three creamy pralines, a large bowl of spicy Cajun jambalaya and a bubble gum sno-ball. But the food is also expensive so I advise you to bring enough money if you go to this festival. I also visited the Congo Square stage,which showcases music of the African Diaspora. I saw a group of dancers from Northeastern Brazil perform and it was fabulous! And I also saw a group of talented children perform traditional African dances.

The second time I went to Jazz Fest it was even better. I watched a dynamic concert by Irvin Mayfield and he put on a show! He talked with the audience members and cracked jokes. I ate some delicious but lightly-seasoned gumbo and drank a large Coke. As I walked around, I saw people wear less clothing. It's understandable since it's always held from the last week of April to the beginning of May. I saw couples give spontaneous kisses to each other, others dancing, children running around and workers assisting customers.

I attended for the third time this year. The students in my creative writing class presented their poetry and everyone loved it. I also volunteered with a local radio station in their hospitality tent. It was a place where members would come in and surf the Internet, eat fresh fruit,chat and enjoy the cool air. In addition, I watched Terrence Blanchard perform on stage. The jazz tent was so packed I had to stand in the back!

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a cultural, educational and fun event. It showcases the versatility of this city; the birthplace of jazz.

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