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This Just In Diana Krall and Wynton Marsalis

The divine demoiselle, Diana Krall, performed Sunday night, singing selections from her new CD "The Look of Love," which is scheduled for release September 19. Reviews in local daily newspapers that one could find around this charming jazz-drenched village were not really positive about Diana Krall's performance, crowning her with the label "Miss Cool!"

"She shows no emotion at all. She's a pure marketing product!" And, what's worse, "She hasn't got a clue about music!"

I wouldn't go that far in describing Ms. Krall's musical abilities. She is an extremely talented and accomplished artist, but one thing is true. I've seen Krall perform four times, twice in Europe and twice in California. The first two concerts were extremely disappointing, followed by the third upon which I knew what to expect and the fourth, I left after the first song. I'd rather listen to her warm, romantic CDs than watch a cold fish on stage. It's nurse Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde!

Krall was the same cold fish at last year's North Sea Jazz Festival. She was the only artist who was unattainable during the entire festival, even at the Bel Air Hotel where all the great musicians and artists mingled around with press and event people. There is something to say about privacy, but the Tower of Babel reputation she is creating for herself is likely to have a negative effect with her most avid fans.

During Krall's concert performance at this year's Marciac Jazz Festival, photographers were requested to confine themselves from picture taking at the stage. They were confined to an area far removed, behind a fence on the left and right of the stage. This is not usual procedure, but obviously one that was requested by Ms. Krall. Normally, photographers are allowed to take photos during the first song of the concert, then they leave the area completely. A French Magnum photographer called for a strike against Ms. Cool, and all photographers stormed out of the marquee and went outside. It was not until the Mayor of Marciac glued things back together did the photographers return to take their shots of Krall from front stage. So much for winning the French popularity contest!

It was totally different as far as Wynton Marsalis was concerned. The French simply adore him. They have erected a statue of him in the town and in touching gratitude, Wynton has written a Marciac Suite, which I'm sure we will be hearing soon. General consensus of French townsfolk and press say there is no musician like Wynton. He plays ball with the kids in the street and on Monday, he even assisted the wine farmers with the inauguration of a wine that they have named after him. Way to go Wynton!

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