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Wayne Shorter's Top Ten Desert Island Picks

Wayne Shorter Wayne Shorter Jos L. Knaepen
Charlie Parker- "Repetition" (with strings): I chose that because he was going into the future. He was starting to become one of the innovators and he continued going forward. This is an example of Charlie Parker moving forward with other instruments beyond the quartet using strings and orchestras

Dizzy Gillespie - "Things to come": that has a perfect announcement of things to come and music revolution It was a confirmation that the musical pioneers were arriving.

Bud Powell- "Glass Enclosure": it was an example of Bud Powell's decision to move to another level within the bebop revolution but you can still hear the deep camaraderie he shared with Thelonius Monk

Miles David "Kind of Blue" had certain ingredients which were bringing certain ways of expressing bebop to a close and opening another way of expressing modern music. Miles Davis was accompanied by the voices which would carry on future expressions i.e. John Coltrane, Cannonbal Adderley and Bill Evans.

Nat King Cole albums featuring his piano playing. Nat Cole's piano contribution to modern music came unnoticed by many music pundits but I believe Thelonius Monk and Bud Powell and others absorbed the value of Nat Cole's chance picking attitude toward piano improvisation.

Frank Sinatra Only the Lonely: He was one of the few vocalists who had a combination of sound which was comparable to an instrument in the baritone tenor range. At this point in his life, the most humanistic aspect of his rendering ballads was a testament to his emotional connection with personal struggle.

Igor Stravinsky - "Le Sacre Du Printemps": this record was a breakthrough in the so-called classical vain but more than that, it was a challenge for dance, visual art and anything approaching creative endeavor.

Frederick Chopin "Impromptu"- the record of Chopin's senatas. Chopin's demonstrates that no matter how much complexity goes into producing something musically great, greatness has true certification when the listener receives it without the obstacles brought by technical training overriding the results of simple beauty.

Maurice Ravel "Daphne et Chloe": Maurice Ravel presents the element of transparency and dimension along with visual imagery and physical flow.

Ella Fitzgerald "The Cole Porter Songbook" is unpretentious, effortless, straightforward tone without overproduced affectation and most of all her sound springs from a kind of fountain of youth.

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