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16 Grammy® Award Winning Guitarist Joins ASR Records


Kansas City USA - 'ASR Records is pleased to announce the addition of Carmine D'Amico to our jazz artist roster. His skills have been showcased on stage, on records, in movie and television soundtracks, and on commercials that most of us have heard and taken for granted. 16 Grammy® Awards validate that Carmine represents "THE school" of music, in which the ability to successfully play one's part has been the key to outstanding performance. In today's music world, where it is sometimes sufficient to merely know a few chords and licks in order to make a recording, Carmine stands out as a true student of music and an incredible talent whose flexibility and ability are legendary! [For Printer: Text Biography .pdf | Credit Highlights .pdf ]

Carmine D'Amico Official Website


'ASR Records was established in 1995 by Ahmad Alaadeen and Victoria Dunfee. Located in Kansas City, USA, the label's focus is on music that has a jazz flavor. It was put together with the goal of promoting deserving talent. 'ASR Records is a label that serves as a functional Recording Artist Cooperative Network rather than the traditional model as a financial backer of artists. Artists who are accepted into the 'ASR Records Label Roster, retain all functional control of, and manage responsibility for, most all aspects of their musical careers and related business matters. 'ASR Records artists publish and distribute their work via both traditional means and 21st Century technologies. Artists offer traditional CDs, CD-on-demand, CD Singles for portable devices, and their work can be found on most major retail store sites along with the popular music subscription services of today. Artist work is also made available for various licensing uses in film and TV through strategic partnerships with other professional firms. 'ASR Records artists are among the most refreshing independent jazz talent recording today and maintain active live performance activities as well.

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Press Contact:

Alaadeen Enterprises, Inc.
Attn: Ms. Dunfee
6610 West 67th Street
Overland Park KS 66202

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