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5th Frakture Festival of Improvised and Electronic Music

Improvised Music is a label that has stuck since the late 1960s. Its soundings are distinct and diverse, and the Frakture Festival reflects this, now in its fifth year, as it features a number of performers from burgeoning local networks as well as musicians of international acclaim. Beginning with a taster performance on Saturday 28th September with three of Europe’s finest improvisers Paul Dunmall Trio/ Swung Dash, with the Festival opening on Thursday 3 October. Come and get an earful at this three day long celebration of uncompromising electro acoustic music, a voyage into the sonic unknown.

Audiences will be rewarded over the festival period with several performances per evening, varying in range and medium, as the artists, using unfixed structures and irregular time signatures, reveal a series of musical arrangements and styles. This year’s festival has been programmed, yet again, to reflect the multi-talents of some of the best improvisers around.

It is through the dedication, musical talents, creativity and perseverance of Phil Morton and Phil Hargreaves of Bonehouse that free improvised music was brought back onto the cultural and music soundscape of Merseyside in November 1997 when it presented its first concert with Derek Bailey. Since then it has showcased the best in the genre of improvised music from a national and international perspective. Putting on up to ten concerts a year plus an annual festival. Offering Merseysiders the opportunity to enjoy leading artists in the genre of free improvised music. It has also to its credit helped develop local players who have then moved onto performing in other areas of the UK and Europe.

Frakture has resulted in other spin-off projects namely The Listening Room, a unique venue covering improvised music, soundscapes and soundwalks, and themed CD shows. The Frakture Big Band, a rehearsal and concert big band exploring the use of compositional structures within the "improvised music" working practice.

Frakture, is voluntarily managed by Neil Murphy, Adam Webster and Phil Morton. Between them they help run Frakture, The Listening Room and The Frakture website.
Frakture Festival 3-6 October

Unplugboy/Mick Beck Trio/John Butcher+Rhodri Davies 7.30pm

Mick Beck’s inventive tenor, Paul Hession’s responsive drum set and Matt Wand’s wizardry with unruly sounds, produce music of "fervent recklessness" (The Wire). unplugboy’s cello-input-laptop creates a sonic swarm akin to insects taking over the Internet. John Butcher (saxes) and Rhodri Davies (harp) charter unknown musical territory.

Viv Corringham+Pat Thomas/Mick Beck/Amere3 7.30pm

Mick Beck’s bassoon is "notable for the way it swerves between sweet melodies and truly nasty, cutting blasts" (The Wire). Using free improvisation to forge shifting soundscapes and beautiful textures, amere 3 is Simon H Fell bass, Rob Dainton drums and Phil Hargreaves saxes/flute. Joined here by Pat Thomas’ stirring and shaking piano/electronics, ethno-cyberpunk diva Viv Corringham’s voice ranges from lilting folkiness to speaking in-tongues wildness.

Mneme Ensemble+Simon Fell/Rob Dainton+John Jasnoch/ Angel High Wires/VenereumArvum 7.30pm

The Mneme Ensemble (Phil Hargreaves, Neil Murphy, Adam Webster, cellos and viola), with Simon H Fell on double bass, take a chamber music approach to improvisation. Acclaimed vocalists Julie Tippetts and Geraldine Monk (Angel High Wires) perform electro-acoustic songs set against the starkly uncompromising electronics/brass/woodwind/melodica sound of Venerum Arvum (Martin Archer and Charlie Collins). John Jasnoch unleashes an array of guitars, mandolins and ouds in the company of Rob Dainton’s high energy drumming. Tickets: Single £7.00 £5.00 conc or Festival Pass £18.00 or £12.00 conc
WYHIWYG 12.00noon 4.00pm

"What you hear is what you get" is an extravaganza for large tent, musicians and audience, who experience the session from within a tent whilst without, extraordinary sounds abound.

Admission FREE ,BR>G.P.Hall . 5.00 pm

"G.P.Hall ... an extraordinary variety of sounds from a selection of guitars to the most delicate of solo acoustic meditations... ..a genuine original..." (Chris Parker, The Times)

Admission FREE
DJ’s Acoustic 10.00pm 2.00am

A late session after the Bluecoat, time for a chat, few beers a few spins from the DJ and some live sounds, finishing in the early hours of Sunday Morning

Admission FREE

The Casa Bistro Bar, Hope St. Liverpool

Moved to Speak 2.30pm

Moved To Speak is a performance that emulates a Quaker meeting but will not constitute an act of worship. The congregation, who are present, on the whole, for the most part, remain silent or tacit except when they are moved to speak. During Quaker sessions any member of the assembled may speak should they feel moved to do so (usually rising to their feet as they speak) on any subject matter they feel moved to speak about. Occasionally no one speaks at all. This warm-down chill out session features local musicians replicating the formula. Standing to play when to speak or remaining silent is their choice.
The location, the main meeting room of The Friends Meeting House has been chosen as it is one of the few rooms in Liverpool where the aesthetics of listening and the acoustic aspects of architecture have been given a priority. Specially designed for listening and speech. Phil Morton's Live Deposition no. 3 Moved To Speak, celebrates this attitude and also mourns the threat that this room may be knocked down for "development"

Admission FREE

Friends Meeting House, 65 Paradise Street Liverpool L1
Pre festival taster

28 September

Dunmall/Rogers/Gibbs - Swung Dash 7.30pm

Three of Europe’s finest improvisers - Dunmall (saxaphone and bagpipes), Rogers (bass) and Phil Gibbs guitar- tour the UK for the first time, supported here by Liverpool’s Swung Dash (Adam Webster, Phil Morton, Budgie and Phil Lucking).

Tickets: £5.00 £4.00 conc
Tickets are available from Bluecoat Box office on 0151 707 9393
Further information: Frakture Website or Bluecoat Website

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Frakture Festival
  • Event Date: 3 - 6 October 2002
  • Subtitle: Exclusively in Liverpool
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