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Affordable Promotional Solutions

Denver, CO, February 3, 2004 - Music industry veterans Robert Newman and Randall Frazier have brought together their talents and contacts to form a new, affordable, promotions company called Massive Music. Massive Music specializes in college, public and non-commercial radio, print/media, Internet and tour support for independent labels and artists.

Independent artists and labels have long been the force that drives creativity in the music business. Rap, rock, jazz and the blues were all underground phenomenon before being assimilated into the mainstream. Today, more music than ever is being created, but most of it remains in obscurity, out of the reach and consciousness of most music lovers. "Massive Music was formed to address the needs of the people who are creating the most exciting music, independent labels and artists" says co-founder Randall Frazier. Robert Newman remarks, "Music buyers aren't being exposed to these artists because most independents can't afford to properly promote their releases. They need a company that can provide experience with affordability. That's Massive Music."

New technology has made recording an album relatively cheap, but promotion costs have risen beyond the means of most independents. These costs can be reduced by avoiding strategies that have little effect on sales or concert attendance. By relying more heavily on information campaigns, reducing demo costs and carefully selecting the most appropriate contacts, labels and artists can dramatically reduce their promotion costs. Massive posts its rates at for prospective clients to read.

Robert Newman and Randall Frazier have over 20 years of combined experience in radio, press and internet promotion. They have worked on and managed the promotional campaigns of 100's of artists and labels, from Latin jazz legend Paquito Rivera to experimental artist Edward Ka-spel.

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