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Atomic Hosting Offers Artists Free Web Hosting, Free Web Design, and Free Subdomain

Vancouver - Exposure for local artists can be a struggle even in their very own cities, especially in competition with high-profile international artists. Getting an unknown artist’s work into the city’s prominent galleries is virtually impossible. A well placed and well designed presence on the internet becomes a necessary tool for new artists to gain any visibility. Exposure is a crucial element if an artist expects to make any living from their work and continue to develop. Atomic Hosting recognizes these difficulties and the importance of the development of local artists to Vancouver’s culture.

Atomic Hosting is offering artists - some of whom may be unfamiliar with the technology required to build or manage a website with a simple solution for establishing a presence on the web to showcase their work. An offer of six months free web hosting, free web design, as well as free subdomain (a package valued at $300.00) is granted to qualifying artists. The sign-up process as well as a FAQ is available at Along with free hosting, a free online Site Builder which includes free layout templates for novice web designers is also offered. The offer allows artists to showcase their work online at no cost for six months; after which, the artist may choose to continue with hosting for only $2.50CAN per subsequent month.

SOURCE: Atomic Hosting

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Event Date: 6/6/2004
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