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Bay Area Musician Launches Online Record Label Music with Vision

Welcome to the wide, wide world of

The label is named for the River Tay in Scotland, but every element of the name rings true even the suffix "net." In creating the label, guitarist Kirk Casey cast a wide net, and, with artists as working partners, has built a collection of musicians, composers and producers who’ve incorporated a dazzling array of musical sounds into their albums.

Tay encompasses techno and electronica-based pop and urban hip-hop; contemporary and smooth jazz; folk, progressive rock and R&B; New Age and world beat; Celtic, Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indian music.

The operative word is "music," and not just its creation and enjoyment. For Kirk Casey, is also about teaching younger players. Along with his artists, he hopes to forge partnerships with computer and music equipment companies to grow the label and, ultimately, form a music education foundation. "We’re hoping to create a faculty and curriculum for online education," he says. In a time when financially-strapped schools are cutting music and arts classes, he says. "Online is a great way for us to reintroduce the arts back into education. It’s a way of giving back."

It’s a lofty ambition, but, since creating in late 2003, Casey has gathered together a group of musicians who are not only established as artists, but who are as enthusiastic about teaching as they are about getting their own music heard. Keyboardist Tim Gorman, for example, recently presented a keynote speech at Camp Apple, Apple Computer’s summer camp for music teachers.

"When you’re starting a label," says Casey, "the core people are very important." His core includes artists who have been making music for movie soundtracks (Titanic), for television (The Who Across the America MTV Special), for popular video and computer games (The Sims), and in dozens of albums and on stage, whether at jazz clubs like Birdland and Yoshi’s or in concert arenas around the world.

The artists, and their initial releases on, are:

Tim Gorman Celtic Loop is the refreshingly rhythmic Celtic strut of the legendary session keyboardist, whose credits range from Duane Eddy to the Who and from the Celtic fiddler Alasdair Fraser to latter-day versions of those Jefferson bands, the Airplane and the Starship.

Kenneth Nash Deep Inn It is based on a deeply personal and romantic song Nash composed years ago, while on tour in Madrid. Nash is a teacher and author as well as a producer, arranger and percussionist who’s played alongside B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Dizzy Gillespie, and a world of others.

Art Hirahara Edge of This Earth showcases the contemporary jazz and traditional jazz re-inventions of an adventurous pianist and composer from the San Francisco Bay Area who performs around the world. He is a founding member of the pan-Asian percussion group, Asian Crisis.

Kirk Casey’s founder, an acclaimed rock guitarist and composer with credits on ten of the Sims line of video and computer games, offers two electronica techno albums, Parallel View: Rocktronica and, for something with a light classical flavor, Ten Soundscapes.

Casey has also re-issued his own Lazy River, laced with acid jazz and heavy metal, and No Borders, by ISIKOJAM, an electric world jazz ensemble including Casey on guitars. These two albums are rich in urban hip-hop grooves, techno-flavored R&B, Latin, Celtic and world beat, and eclectic guitar sounds on a foundation of jazz and rock.

In short, they’re musical definitions of the wide, wide world of

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