You are here:Home>Jazz News>News Story> announces an alternative to framing a CD and hanging it on the wall announces an alternative to framing a CD and hanging it on the wall, a division of, is planning to revolutionize the way that CD collectors, music fans, artists, and other people in the music world display a favorite CD by releasing a clever little product called the TROPHY CD STAND.

The TROPHY CD STAND offers an alternative to framing a CD and hanging it on the wall. It's a product that displays a CD, along with the CD cover, like a trophy. This easily allows anyone to show off a CD by displaying it on a bookcase, dresser, mantle, or desktop.

Scott Clark, President of, stated: "When an artist completes a CD project, it is important for that artist to take at least one CD and display it in order to celebrate his or her accomplishment. When a music fan gets an autographed CD, that CD is no longer just a CD, it is a piece of the fan's history and there should be an easy way to display that CD without having to frame it. Because of this, we created".

The TROPHY CD STAND is perfect for an artist, record store, promoter, or label doing a CD release party or an autograph session. Selling Trophy CD Stands to fans is not only an easy way to generate income, it's also a smart way to make sure that a specific CD is not just put away with other CDs. Here a CD will be displayed out in the open for people to see and talk about so it keeps the buzz live.

The TROPHY CD STAND can also be used to turn heads as a promotional item or reward those that have worked on a CD project. is based in Hamilton, New Jersey. The company’s product is available through its website at For phone orders, call 609-689-1711.

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