You are here:Home>Jazz News>News Story> Launches Its New Line Of Wooden CD Counter Displays Launches Its New Line Of Wooden CD Counter Displays now offers a new line of hand-crafted, wooden counter displays designed to truly showcase merchandise in a retail store. The displays are created from red oak finished with a beautiful clear gloss to give a rich look with a "down-to-earth" feel. Inside each display, CDs cleverly sit on metal-wired tiers that provide a strong, sturdy support.

Merchandise best suited for the displays include CDs, software, and DVDs. The displays are also a perfect fit for small books and certain styles of brochures or pamphlets.

The new product line has eight models to chose from:
2 tiered (1x2) wood display holds 10 CDs - 8 DVDs - 1 through 2 titles
3 tiered (1x3) wood display holds 15 CDs - 12 DVDs - 1 through 3 titles
4 tiered (1x4) wood display holds 20 CDs - 16 DVDs - 1 through 4 titles
4 tiered (2x2) wood display holds 20 CDs - 16 DVDs - 1 through 4 titles
5 tiered (1x5) wood display holds 25 CDs - 20 DVDs - 1 through 5 titles
6 tiered (2x3) wood display holds 30 CDs - 24 DVDs - 1 through 6 titles
8 tiered (2x4) wood display holds 40 CDs - 32 DVDs - 1 through 8 titles
10 tiered (2x5) wood display holds 50 CDs - 40 DVDs - 1 through 10 titles
-- Book quantities depend on the size of the book.

Pricing is made available for single unit sales and discounted for larger orders. Displays are extremely "price-friendly" with the 2 tiered display starting at $14.95 and the 10 tiered starting at $39.95. Discounts for larger orders begin at 5 units.

Scott Clark, President of, stated: "With the fierce competition for counter space, we wanted to create an affordable display that would out-shine other counter displays. The design and feel of our wood displays simply illuminate the product they are showcasing. Customers are attracted to the earthy feel of the display. This leads to increased product browsing and buying ".

For product suppliers, a wood display provides a huge incentive for stores to stock products over lesser displayed item. For retailers looking to increase sales of current merchandise, a wood display can be the answer to catching a customer’s attention.

In March 2003, began supplying it own line of corrugated displays to the independent music community and quickly grew into being a leading corrugated supplier for large companies and chain stores.

Clark mentioned: "Corrugated displays will always be the staple for large retailers; however, when you get into the markets consisting of independent artists, gift stores, tourist shops, or other "ma & pa" retail outlets, a wood display is a much better fit with that type of shopping environment". is based in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. For more information on and its products, please visit

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