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Clare Teal New Album Hits UK Charts

Clare Teal has a new album out today and it’s fantastic! "Don't Talk" is not so much a departure for Clare Teal but a progression like i've never seen before. Already a huge fan of her "Road Less Travelled" album, I was expecting more of the same with this release, but to my surprise she has created, in my opinion, one of the finest contemporary albums to date by any British artist. The album is not simply a collection of songs, but an "album" in the truest sense of what an album should be. The record is bookended by two blistering Big Band songs, her own "Messin' With Fire" and a fresh blast through "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and ebbs and flows highlighting Teal's unique and distinctive vocals as they take on the most challenging of ranges. Her "chocolate like" voice saws through the Big Band tracks but then rasps gently and seductively through the wonderful ballads "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" and (In my opinion) her best ever composition "Falling For You". There is a cast of thousands on this record, and every single player is justified. The arrangements are so that no matter how big or complicated they must be, Teal's voice is the focus of every track and is never overshadowed or overpowered by the music. The addition of Strings, Vibes or Organ may not please some jazz purists, but puts this album into the ranks of a Sinatra or Streisand recording and will no doubt appeal to a much wider audience than her former releases. Teal's own compositions are possibly my favourite songs on the album, especially "Falling For You" and the retro-latin sounding "Everything Is You". There is such a great feeling to this album - I just can't stop playing it and can't recommend it enough.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Clare Teal
  • Event Date: 10/18/2004
  • Subtitle: High Hopes For This Great Singer
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