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Deput Release For Tony Adamo

Review by Derick Winterberg of

The good thing about being a male smooth jazz vocalist these days is that there isn’t a lot of competition. Now, when I say smooth jazz vocalist I don’t mean what most of the smooth jazz radio stations mean. They’ll play Al Jareau and Luther Vandross and tell you that you’re hearing smooth jazz. That being said, if you want to hear some true smooth jazz vocals you need to get yourself a copy of DANCE OF LOVE by newcomer Tony Adamo. Tony’s debut CD gives us a chance to listen to his very smooth and mellow (but not sleepy!) voice backed by some very fine orchestral arrangements. Providing background for Tony are Skip Mesquite, Steve (Doc) Kupka and Mic Gillette all from the great band, Tower of Power. Also joining Tony are Ernie Watts on sax, John Castalupes on bass and additional background vocals by Sandy Griffith. These professionals all combine for a unique sound in the smooth jazz world. They are a great accompaniment to Tony’s rolling vocals on this album. Tony Adamo’s voice has been compared to that of David Bowie and he does seem to possess a certain wavering lilt that brings back memories of Bowie from his heyday in the early to mid eighties. That’s not to say that Tony Adamo is doing a David Bowie impersonation. Tony is all original down to being the songwriter and Executive Producer for this album. If I had any complaint about this album it would be that Tony seems to be holding back on us. I know he has more power and depth in him and I hope we get to see some of that next time out. Several cuts from this album have been topping the smooth jazz charts at sites such as, and three tracks, "No Strings Attached," "Passport," and "Ecstasy," are all on the charts over at All those folks must know something we don’t. If you want to find out you can purchase DANCE OF LOVE right here and if you want to learn more about Tony and his music you can visit his label’s site at

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  • Artist / Group Name: Tony Adamo
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