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Dylan Howe releases second album

Dylan Howe releases his second album for UK independent label OT Records. "This Is It" is a perfect example of the best of the new wave of British jazz that has been building over the past three years and has brought us the likes of Jamie Cullum, Clare Teal, Ben Castle, Amy Winehouse and Soweto Kinch. Howe’s latest offering harks back in both sound and look to the peak of late 50s blue note recordings with more than a nod to the great Sam Rivers two of whose compositions can be found here. His band, Quentin Collins (Trumpet), Brian Edwards (Sax), Frank Harrison (Piano), and Andy Crowdy (Bass) are supplemented on a couple of tracks by special guests. Legendary guitarists Steve Howe and John Etheridge lend their skills to the John Scofield track "I’ll Take Les" while the beautifully crafted acoustic guitar of Luiz De Almeida joins the band and top UK saxophonist Ben Castle on the final track "Dance". Already heralded as one of the top bands on the UK jazz scene, Dylan Howe’s Quintet have graced the stages of most major festivals and have already made several forays into Europe. This album is bound to bring them even more attention and possibly international acclaim. It doesn’t get much better than "This Is It".

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dylan Howe
  • Event Date: 27/10/04
  • Subtitle: The Very Best In BritBop
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