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Eric Kamen Releases Eclectic Instrumental CD Native Unit

Eric Kamen Native Unit Eric Kamen Native Unit


New York, New York-September 29, 2005--Eric Kamen was born in New York City. The music on his latest release Native Unit reflects the diversity of that great city. The CD features 12 instrumental tracks fusing African rhythms, Middle-Eastern moods, Latin, World, and midi music coupled with his gorgeous Spanish and Flamenco guitar chords. Kamen, a.k.a. E in the world of R &B and Rap production, takes young acts and polishes them to perfection for major label signings, this time it was his turn.

Kamen says "Today's music is so formulaic, in terms of chord progressions, beats and choice of sounds, that it does not give me enough opportunity to push myself anywhere close to my playing abilities." So with the ambition and ingenuity of the great producer that he is, he took his irresistible cravings to play as he used to when he was a kid, and went to work. He put aside 12 tracks previously developed for various artists, and instead of recording their voices, laid in a few tracks of Spanish guitar or acoustic piano and Native Unit was born. Because of time constraints all the guitar and piano playing was improvised, literally first takes. Kamen believes that part of what makes the project feel so cool is that you can experience the excitement of hearing it come out for the first time.

While Eric Kamen never envisioned anyone would ever hear it other than his wife, he now has a legitimate work of recorded art on his hands that is garnering quite a bit of attention. Surely once the music circulates, the very artists that he produces will be sampling it for their own projects. While his travels in Europe exposed him to North African, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern music and undoubtedly were an influence on this recording, his lifelong connection to NYC is what allowed him to dig deep into his soul to create this project.

All the tracks on Native Unit were composed, produced, engineered, and played by Eric Kamen.


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