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Gale winds blow, B(l)ack to the Future

What becomes a semi-legend most? Jazz trumpeter/composer Eddie Gale is hardly a household name even in jazz households but he’s been a part of some very influential musical events in the post-bop and avant-garde arenas. Gale performed on Cecil Taylor’s Unit Structures and Larry Young’s Of Peace and Love (both on Blue Note) as well as playing in several editions of the Sun Ra Arkestra.

As a leader, he helmed two under-recognized albums that were a fascinating amalgam of soul-jazz, free jazz, slightly psychedelic R&B and gospel. In the late 60s, Blue Note released Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music (’68) and Black Rhythm Happening (’69) - due to under-promotion, the transition of Blue Note into the Liberty Records fold and/or the music was just too darn unique, they were not big sellers but have since achieved collector’s item status. (Legendary drummer and former John Coltrane Quartet member Elvin Jones plays on BRH.)

In the 70s, Gale made northern California his home, where he teaches and performs with local jazz and, more recently, hip-hop performers. This year, the San Francisco Bay Area label Water Records reissued his two Blue Note platters on CD Gale will celebrate this event with a performance at the Berkeley Jazz House at Saturday November 22nd at 8 PM, where he’ll play much of the material from these albums. If you’re in the area & want to have a happening

[Water, P.O. Box 2947, San Francisco, CA 94126]
{The Jazz House is located at 3192 Adeline where Adeline meets Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 1/2 block south of the Ashby BART.}

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eddie Gale
  • Event Date: 11/22/2003
  • Subtitle: Eddie Gale is Back (even though he was never really away)
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