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Gene Ess, Ravi Coltrane, Matt Garrison, Gene Jackson

Gene Ess brings his award-winning musicianship from a very diverse background. He grew up playing the classical piano, due to his mother being a classical pianist and a well-known piano instructor on the island of Okinawa; his early years were filled with the classical sounds of Beethoven and Chopin. Simultaneously, Gene was receiving a mix of influences: he was exposed to the indigenous music of the island, and - growing up on a US Air Force Base- to the pop and jazz music coming out of the clubs for the American soldiers.

Downbeat magazine presented Gene's performance of Lennox Berkeley's ‘Theme and Variations' with the ‘Outstanding Performance Award' in 1983. Gene continued performing and started leading his own bands that included, among others, pianist Danilo Perez. The Guitar Player Magazine described the performance of Gene's composition by his group GSQ as "electrifying fusion, played with solid technique and soul".

A new concept album entitled "Sunrise Falling" was released from a U.K. label this April. This album incorporates Gene’s interest in computer-generated music. The music is set in a trio concept surrounded by loops, trance, and ambience. The album features all original and new compositions. The sidemen on the recording are Rashied Ali, Matt Garrison, Fima Ephron, and JoJo Mayer.

This concert is part of Blue Note’s "East Meets West" brunch concert series. There will be 2 sets. 1st set at 12:30 pm and 2nd set at 2:30pm. For reservations, please call Blue Note (131 W3rd Street @ 6th Avenue, NYC) at 212-475-8592 or visit Tickets: $19.50/ table (includes brunch).

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gene Ess
  • Event Date: 5/11/2003
  • Subtitle: Live at Blue Note, May 11, 2003
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