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Groove Boutique:Volume One - Coming Soon on Tommy Boy Records

Tommy Boy Records announces the upcoming release of Groove Boutique:Volume One - A Seamless Blend of Smooth Jazzy Grooves, which is the world’s first mix CD of laidback jazzy music that’s specifically designed to appeal to 25+ men and women.

Groove Boutique:Volume One was compiled and blended by Rafe Gomez, the d.j./host/producer of The Groove Boutique, a top-rated, syndicated jazz mix radio program, which is hugely popular with adult listeners in the top markets across the U.S.

"Whereas most radio mix shows feature youth-oriented music such as rap, dance, or pop," explains Gomez, "The Groove Boutique is the one of the only radio mix shows that appeals to the sophisticated ears of American men and women who are 25 years old and above. And the same adult-oriented approach that I use for my radio show is the one that I've utilized on Groove Boutique:Volume One."

Groove Boutique:Volume One features over 60 minutes of continuous, seamlessly blended, sultry jazz and jazz-oriented music. The album features many selections that have never been featured on compilations before by such popular jazz-oriented artists as Ramsey Lewis, Chris Botti, Soulive, and Praful as well as such up-and-coming artists as Alfonzo Blackwell and Monet.

"Between work and family, most adults don't have time to keep up with popular music the way they did when they were younger," says Gomez. "They also don't connect with current popular music, which doesn’t really speak to where they are in life. The reason why my listeners dig the music that I play is because it's melodic, rhythmic, and very stylish. It also complements the type of activities that they enjoy, such as socializing, getting ready for an evening out, or cooling out after a night on the town. Groove Boutique:Volume One captures this vibe exactly, and it allows people to enjoy hip, jazzy sounds without having to wait until the weekend to tune in my radio show."

When compiling Groove Boutique:Volume One, Gomez sought to combine established artists with lesser-known, hard-to-find acts. "Because of The Groove Boutique radio show, I’m exposed to the world’s most exciting jazz and jazz-oriented music," says Gomez. "My goal with Groove Boutique:Volume One was to comb through this vast selection of sounds and select only the most accessible, the most interesting, and the coolest tracks that would appeal to adult ears. If folks are too busy to keep up with what’s hip, that’s okay: I've done the work for them. All they have to do is pop in the CD, turn it up, and melt into a sensuous listening experience unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before."

The featured track on Groove Boutique:Volume One will be "Icy", which was co-written and co-produced by Gomez. "'Icy' has a sound that’s best described as Herb Alpert meets Bob James in Brazil, with Praful mixing the drinks," explains Gomez. "It’s lush, melodic, and highly commercial, yet it also contains the same kind of hip production flourishes that you’d find in songs with the 'chill' sound."

Tommy Boy will begin promoting "Icy" to smooth jazz radio in mid-July. Groove Boutique:Volume One will be available in stores across America on 8/10/04.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rafe Gomez
  • Subtitle: The First Jazz Mix CD Targeted To Adults To Hit Stores 8/10/04
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