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Jazz Diva Premiers Film At The AFI Theater


Silver Spring, Maryland-November 15, 2004-A very special evening at the AFI Theater for the premier of the feature film Postmark Paradise, took place earlier this year. The film stared Russian actress/singer Natalia Nazarova as a Russian mail order bride tricked into coming to America.

The executive producer of the film, Elliot Grysen and the writer Dan Slider, were present to interact with the audience after the screening. Many people came to private screening, including over 100 mail order brides from Russia and their American husbands. Movie buffs and Russian immigrants alike had an ideal opportunity to interact with the producers and offer their input on the film. The positive feedback was that the film gave an accurate portrayal of a mail order bride in a strange new world. The character portrayed by Nazarova, Viktoria, is a witty and charming individual that becomes a spirited, uplifting presence in a small community. One bride commented, "She does not play the victim, she is what many Russian people are really like."

Natasha Spivak, President of Encounters International, who founded the Premiere Russian Mail Order Bride Service in the U.S., was also present to give her feedback. Postmark was the real thing to her and all of the brides.

As Postmark Paradise continues to gather momentum and garner critical acclaim worldwide, the name Natalia Nazarova becomes synonymous with the true American presence of Russian mail order brides. After viewing the film and witnessing the success of the premier, mail order bride takes on an entirely different meaning. This event served as a landmark in the young actress’s career and it surely will be the beginning of a long and successful stay in films.

For additional information concerning production of the film, please contact Ellliot Grysen at (800) 727-1470.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Natalia Nazarova
  • Subtitle: One Hundred Russian Mail Order Brides Attend Postmark Paradise Premier
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