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Jazz for Peace Concerts Continue in New York City!

On Sept. 25, 2002 Jazz Pianist and Vocalist Rick DellaRatta was invited to lead a band consisting of Israeli, Middle Eastern, European, Asian and American Jazz Musicians in a concert inside the United Nations for an International audience. Rick named this band "Jazz for Peace" and has continued these concerts at a venue on the upper west side called Jazz On The Park every Friday & Saturday.

Last weekend DellaRatta was joined by Latin/Jazz Percussion Great - Ray Mantilla which was amazing. This Saturday, Sax Great Rick Margitza will join his trio and next Saturday Drum Legend Victor Lewis, and many more to come.I would like to invite you to cover this event. Below are the detailes.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Dawn Adams - Jazz for Peace - 212-947-1104

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"JAZZ FOR PEACE" presents:

Rick DellaRatta (with special guests)

Every Saturday at 8pm ($12)
36 W 106TH St (Duke Ellington Blvd)
btw Manhattan Ave/Central Park West
Reservations: 212-947-1104

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Jazz For Peace -

I hear jazz for peace coming thru the trees, and in my heart it fills me like a celebration. I see the light, and I want to follow inspired by the past contributions of those who came before, and laid the groundwork for us to build on. In this universal language that is a gift for all mankind and when we speak it people are inspired by the creativity and artistry that stands for peace, and love, and humanity and intelligence, that leads to reaching potential that we have in our souls, so we can raise our total conscience and see that the gift of giving is our greatest privilege I hear jazz for peace

-Rick DellaRatta

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rick DellaRatta with Special Guests
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