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Jerseyband August Tour

BROOKLYN - That's right, 14 lungs, 14 thumbs, 66 fingers, seven tongues and on an outstanding night, 216 teeth. In addition to all that, the show still features four horns, guitar, guitar synth, and drums, playing the same composed instrumental jazz thrash that has been grabbing and shaking audiences throughout the northeast.

Jerseyband's sound is influenced by modern classical music and is inspired by the current hardcore scene. Their newest EP, Jake (Rangletorian Records), ponders the future of human and robot relations, and represents this convergence via a dramatic, metallic blending of machine and human utterances. Leave it to self-produced artists living in the woods to contribute to the oft-neglected canon of dark, abstract and, humorous, sci-fi horn rock. They are not kidding, either. Believe it.

Jerseyband's sound has been compared to Naked City and Critters' Buggin. Jerseyband has also been likened to an electrified, distorted, 80's influenced Raymond Scott ensemble.

Hark, hear this virtuostic musical circus in your own locale: Jerseyband will be playing throughout the northeast this August. Find out if they are playing in your town and check out audio clips at their website.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jerseyband
  • Subtitle: 14 lungs, 7 Finger, 216 teeth Making Music
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