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Kansas City Area Jazz Artists Offer CD Singles!

The new way to download music is here for independent artists too!

Several artists on the roster of the Kansas City USA-based label, 'ASR Records, now offer an online music service in collaboration with the innovative Canadian company, Payso, Inc. The new service is now available at the Artists' own official websites. Visit the respective artist via the 'ASR Records web site to see the service in effect.

The Digital Downloads section allows anyone to buy CD quality MP3 files of professionally recorded and produced Jazz music securely online. Payments are made using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal accounts. Individual songs sell for only 99 cents (US).

The portable MP3 Players are more than the "Walkman of the digital age". These economical devices are able to store thousands of individual songs at a time, along with capabilities to interface with home and car stereo systems as well.

All of the music offered by the artists for digital download is compatible with any MP3 player on the market today - ranging from types like Apple's iPOD, to the computer program models like Windows Media Player, Music Match Jukebox, and the rest.

Unlike the files offered by most of the major services, these aren't restricted, so you can burn as many CD's as you want and use them on multiple computers. Buy an entire CD worth of music, or just the tracks you want! Short MP3 samples of each track are provided for listeners to preview the songs available. The service works for both Mac and Windows users.

The 'ASR Records Artists currently featuring the service are: Ahmad Alaadeen, Richie Pratt, and Chris Burnett. Each website can be accessed via the 'ASR Records web page

Information: 'ASR Records was established in 1995 by Ahmad Alaadeen and Fanny Dunfee. Located in Kansas City, USA, the label's focus is on music that has a jazz flavor. It was put together with the goal of recording deserving talent in the Midwestern area of the country - away from the New York scene. 'ASR Records is a label that serves as a functional Recording Artist Cooperative Network rather than the traditional model as a financial backer of artists. Artists who are accepted into the 'ASR Records Label Roster, retain all functional control of, and manage responsibility for, most all aspects of their musical careers and related business matters.

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  • Artist / Group Name: ASR Records
  • Subtitle: ASR Records Artists offer the new way to get music.
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