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Lou Rawls Dies at 72

The man with the deep, silky, and, distinctive voice, who gave so much pleasure to millions of people all over the world with his music, has succumbed to lung and brain cancer. Lou Rawls passed in Los Angeles, CA at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Friday morning January 6, 2006. Rawls was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2004 and brain cancer in May 2005. Even though Rawls’ doctor felt he only had a short time to live, Rawls remained positive to the end.

Rawls’ career spanned some forty plus years, and garnered him many albums and awards.

Rawls humble beginning began in has native state of Chicago. He was raised by his grandmother, who brought Rawls up in the church, where he sang in the church choir.

He traveled with the choir and sang gospel through out the United States. He later served in the armed forces for two years. After his duty for his country he rejoined the Travelers gospel choir and continued touring.

One of Rawls opportunities came in 1962 when he signed with Capital Records and recorded his debut album, I‘d Rather Drink Muddy Water. From their Rawls’ career just propelled him into the legend he is today. Rawls free flowing style in music is loved by many, his versatility in gospel, R&B, blues, jazz, and pop has earned him thirteen Grammy nominations and three Grammy Awards. Rawls, first Grammy came in 1967 for best R&B vocal performance, with "Dead End Street." History repeats itself for Rawls in 1971 with another Grammy, for, "Natural Man, best R&B vocal performance." And "Unmistakably Lou" won Rawls his third Grammy for best R&B vocal performance at the1977 Grammy Awards.

However, "You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)", is Rawls biggest hit, penned by Philadelphians Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. Over the years his music has continued to mesmerize his fans, with sold out performances all over the world as he interjected his own artistic and creative spin into his versatile style of music.

Let’s not forget that Lou Rawls contributed a very important part as spokes person for the charitable telethon, the "United Negro College Fund (UNCF)," which helped raise millions of dollars for scholarships and shed bright lights on many futures, hopes, and dreams of college bound students. He will truly be missed by many.

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