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Mlely's Highly Acclaimed Re-Entry CD Now Selling At CD Baby

After all, he had quite a successful touring and recording career and a recording, Trio , that was among the top ten jazz albums being played on US radio when personal circumstances caused him to bow out.   How would he sound twenty years later? Asserting in no small way that he was back, Mlely released Re-Entry, a daring solo piano recording, proving that not only was his technical ability better than ever, but so was his imagination and creativity." Associate Editor Lee Prosser gives "Five stars to Re-Entry... solo piano at its best... a magnificent collection of performances by G. F. Mlely."

Phyllis A. Lodge, co-author with McCoy Tyner’s of Tyner’s autobiography, writes in that "Re-Entry may be heralding [Mlely’s] re-emergence into the tantalizingly perilous world of music.   It could just as easily be talking about a Re-Entry into Earthly experience from a different musical dimension - one that is best explored with an insightful, powerful guide.   Mlely is such a guide, and his Re-Entry clearly harks to a streaming musical dimension."

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  • Artist / Group Name: G. F. Mlely
  • Subtitle: Internationally applauded pianist-composer G. F. Mlely's critically acclaimed Re-Entry CD on sale
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