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MRC Trio CD Release Tribal Dance

The MRC Trio; Hugh Marsh, Barry Romberg, and Rufus Cappadocia is a new and exciting unit thats basis is unique not only in intrumentation, violin, cello and drums, but also in conception, as the groups focus is the art of spontaeneous composition. The music played in this group is 100% improvised.

The idea is to bring together, three eclectic individuals with diverse musical influences to create a musical tapestry that is overwhelmingly vast and can go in any direction at the drop of a hat: Hugh Marsh--Canada's premier contemporary violinist brings his awesome technical prowess coupled with world-beat sensibilities. Barry Romberg--adds his unique and emotional drumset style steeped in improvisation and jazz influences. Rufus Cappadocia--adds his original instrument, the electric five string cello to the mix, a perfect foil for the trio with his classical and modern influences acting as the glue between the violin and the drums, adding colour and texture and supplying the bass function giving the group the ability to really groove out.

The group covers a lot of ground on this recording; ECM meets Weather Report meets free jazz; from the groovy Reunion part 2; to the intense ensemble play on Reunion part 4; the free excursions on Slumber Party; the pretty ballad Simply Said; and on to the title track Tribal Dance, there are exciting twists and turns for everyone.

Watch for The MRC Trio Canadian Tour March 2003

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