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Music Gorilla Empowers Musicians to get heard by Industry Insiders

Music Gorilla, a new and fast-growing resource in the online repertoire of both independent musicians and label scouts, is helping break down the invisible yet substantial barrier between labels and emerging artists. Built specifically for the needs of the A&R community, label reps sign written commitments to screen artists from the Music Gorilla community. The artists themselves upload their music to our server, and are assured that industry professionals will hear their music, or else their membership fee is refunded! In exchange for a low monthly fee (refunded when the artist brings others into the fold,) Music Gorilla provides each of its artists with a full-service web community, featuring unlimited music hosting, fan base building tools, a personalized band store to sell CDs and merch, and more services being added monthly. All this comes without any intrusive pop-up or banner advertising on the site! What is offered is a unique guarantee that each artist’s music will be heard by select music industry insiders, from A&R reps at the biggest major labels to the most select Indies.

Music Gorilla’s unique service benefits all parties involved. Each artist gets to post their state-of-the-art "online resume," thereby gaining crucial exposure to label insiders, and the labels get tipped off to talented artists. The user-friendly, ad-free environment is also a significant draw for the label reps and bands alike. The response to the Austin-based company from up-and-coming artists has been astounding. Membership has grown exponentially in the short time this service has been active, and is on track to break expectations set by Music Gorilla’s founders. For more information or a demonstration of how Music Gorilla can help take your independent band to the next level, please contact Alexia Helfand at 512-918-8978.

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