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New York Theater Selects G. F. Mlely Composition

G. F. Mlely's composition, Threnody, has been picked for "TYPEWRITER DREAMS," a New York theater production produced and presented by the Xoregos Performing Company.

The stage-work features 5 one-act plays, written over three centuries, between 1893 and 2003, including the New York premiere of Oscar Wilde's A Florentine Tragedy. Threnody will feature in the non-dialogue How The Cookie Crumbles, written in 1986 by Adé Adémola.

G. F. Mlely is an internationally acclaimed pianist-composer, whose recent return to recording has been accumulating great reviews. Threnody, as performed by the composer on piano, which will also be the track used in the theater presentation, is available on the critically praised Re-Entry, a cd released on the JazCraft Label.

The Xoregos Performing Company, under the direction of Shela Xoregos, has appeared at the Smithsonian Institute, The Midtown International Theatre Festival, and in the 2001 New York Ionesco Festival.

The production will run from June 5, 2004 through June 27, 2004 at Common Basis Theatre, 750 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Schedule: Thursday 8:00pm / Friday 8:00pm / Saturday 8:00pm / Sunday 4:00pm (additional performance Sunday, June 20 at 7:30 PM)

Tickets: 212-352-3101 • Info: 212-239-8405 - or at Theatermania


JazCraft (mp3 clips)

LIBRARIES ONLY: Book Wholesalers, Inc (BWI) 800 888-4778

For more information, type "G. F. Mlely" into any major search engine, such as Google.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: G. F. Mlely
  • Subtitle: G. F. Mlely's composition
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