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Southport Jazz Festival 2003 Dates Released

The coastal town of Southport, boasts the perfect location for a jazz festival with tree lined boulevards, over 200 restaurants, bars and cafes, top class hotels, the venue could hardly be more suited for such an event. It is also exclusively twinned with the Guiness Cork Jazz Festival (Ireland) Octber 2002 -

This four day festival is a true celebration of all 'jazz' types. The venues play host to almost every conceivable type of jazz from Traditional to Big band, Be-bop to Salsa, funk to contemporary, even South African township jazz. The Southport Jazz Festival is a must for anyone who enjoys live music played in fantastic surroundings by quality musicians.

Last year over 80 concerts were performed in venues ranging from restaurants and bars to theatres, shopping arcades and bandstands, by some of the most talented jazz musicians in Britain.

A jazz festival is a jazz festival, but mix a jazz festival with the ambience, elegance and excitement that Southport already has on offer, we are sure you will not only appreciate the music, but will enjoy the stage and it's unique surroundings - Enjoy your stay in Southport, enjoy all Southport has to offer and most importantly... ENJOY THE JAZZ!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Event Date: June 19-22, 2003
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