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The greatest antiwar song by the deepest living voice on earth

Thomas Easaw, as writer, philosopher, musician & owner of the deepest living voice on earth, is contributing his best to avert the Third World War. Also "The Thomas Easaw Amendment of the Law", is expected to be the greatest thing to happen to justice and liberty, since the Magna Carta.

The music album, "Don't Start the Third World War" by Thomas Easaw, stands out in many ways. Philosophical and soul stirring lyrics, entwined in the most refreshing and scintillating music, with the domination of that golden voice, make the songs simply fascinating.

The song, The Request, is an appeal to America, not to start the third world war. At a time when the world is in a growing state of disorder, this humble singer, along with his twin daughters are requesting America, not to initiate the holocaust and is trying to establish his and every man's right to live on this planet with dignity.

For President Bush, (unlike the sincere American), the dollar may be the most important thing. But for those who believe that honour is greater than the dollar, they are left with no other option, but to fight and die - because they cannot win. Let us not kill them and let them not kill us.

When the same activities are spearheaded by Pakistan both in their territory as well as in neighboring countries clandestinely, Pakistan is considered to be America's great ally, and the originator and perpetuator of all terrorist activities, is President Bush's comrade in arms in his so called war against terrorism.

In America's historical fights against human rights violation, the world over, it had rightly earned its reputation as a great free country and the destination haven for a lot of free minded people.

But their acceptance of China, one of the few remaining iron curtain countries and one of the world's largest human rights violators, as their most favoured nation, is a clear reversal of their greatly respected earlier stand and a clean indicator that today, American concern is only political or commercial. That China is slowly improving, is the only soothing factor.

"Every little man, Has his own little right, To live in his own little land And every little man, Who fights to defend that Is admired, be he wrong or right." `

If it was the others, the day before ; Afghanistan, yesterday and Iraq, today, - it could be me, tomorrow and you, the day after. When such intimidation to our dignity is in the air, it is expected of all of us to stand up to defend our lives and our pride. But for those of you, like me, who cannot stand up to shout and fight, at least join me in this song.

The song, The Lawyer, seeks for legislation to punish the majority of lawyers who instead of setting the innocent free, often help the criminals to keep away from the Law. Such a legislation would bring a sense of honour and pride to the righteous lawyer and also prevent the two other great injustices, 'delay of justice' and 'cost'.

When somebody helps a criminal, is not the helper a part of the crime? And just like we do not let the robber free, lawyers should also not be set free. It is high time that the civilized society took objection to such professions and the undue relaxation given to such professions which has only resulted in the abetment of crime. Such a legislation would greatly reduce the number of false cases which is what causes this undue delay of justice. The hefty court fees and attendant expenses, expected to keep away the nuisance mongers, have only left the poor in the lurch. Once nuisance litigation comes down, the cost aspect could be totally done away with.

The song, The Judge, proclaims that lawyers should not be made judges and that judges should not be recruited through popular vote or political appeasement, but by a system which will empower them to remain absolutely unswayable. Their recruitment, training and maintenance should be a class separately above, so that the judiciary remains the most respected position in society, and that only the best in capability and integrity would opt for it.

It also speaks out about the gaping loopholes in the present judiciary the world over and hopes that some day, judges would be held accountable for the judgments that they make, i.e. a death sentence when repealed by a higher court, if not properly explained, would entitle him to 'attempt to murder' status. Such a legislation would ensure that the lower courts pronounce judgments which are absolutely just and fair, and which cannot be repealed by any higher courts. This would greatly reduce traffic in lower and higher courts.

Also that discretionary powers should be totally withdrawn from all facets of the Law, so that corruption cannot sustain in society. The provision to punish a person arbitrarily, vested as discretionary power on the judge; activates influence, skill, corruption and prejudice, to get the jugdement proclaimed at its discretionary minimum or maximum.

For example, the discretionary provision to punish a person with imprisonment of 6 months to 1year, than a concrete provision of either 6 months or 1year, would only make "justice" to precariously perch on lawyer skills, if not already overtaken by influence, power, prejudice and corruption. What a sorry state, that justice does not have a stand of it's own, and that the ordinary man cannot be freely sheltered by it.

Power does not corrupt, only discretionary power does.

Further the escape route for the rich and wealthy, in the form of penalty or fine, is one of life's greatest injustices against the poor. For the poor, both imprisonment and fine are great pains, whereas for the other, only one of them is. People should either be imprisoned or fined, and the discretionary option of choice between imprisonment and fine, should be scrapped. Then justice will prevail in every land.

The songs, The Lawyer and The Judge, comprise THE THOMAS EASAW AMENDMENT OF THE LAW.

Thomas Easaw feels and believes that someday, in his own lifetime, justice would be considered a man's birthright and that he would be able to demand it, rather than beg and plead for it as he is forced to do today.


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  • Artist / Group Name: Thomas Easaw
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