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The new book - Bebop Improv Concepts - is now available as an eBook

In this ebook version available world-wide through - the music is to be downloaded in mp3 format, just as the book (pdf format) itself is acquired through a download link upon payment. The price for the package amounts to US$15, and all is delivered virtually instantly.

" This is not a book for someone who wants to look through it in an afternoon and then play jazz guitar that evening. Hans has come up with a very detailed step-by-step method, which involves the guitarist right from the start. It is up to you to chart your course as Hans guides you through lessons on Jazz Cadences, Chromaticism, and Melodic Development. It's definitely a workout for both your hands and your brain and, as he points out in his introduction, patience and persistence will be your greatest allies " Book review by David Hodge; 2002-02-23

Born in Lohne, Germany, in 1969, guitarist Hans Fahling began studying music on his own at the age of 15. In 1990, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute, where he studied Jazz Theory and Improvisation with Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, and Sid Jacobs, a.o.. He completed the MI degree and later his Bachelor degree (Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle) with highest honors.

In addition to recording with Northwest projects like the Seattle Hip-Hop act The Sharpshooters and touring with such legendary bands like Cornell Gunther’s The Original Coasters, Fahling has been working and recording with the mentors he studied with at Cornish: The 1997 release "Before Tomorrow" (CD) features Julian Priester as special guest artist and was produced by Jim Knapp, who also had an important influence on the development of Hans’s talents in composition. His latest CD, "Hamburg Port Of Call" (OriginRecords), was released with a performance at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, in September 2000, and has been a massive compositional endeavor - a collaboration with NW painter, Patrick Haskett, with support from SAS Airlines and many more American and European sponsors.

Currently writing for, and working with his American and German quartets, he is expanding his HANS FAHLING JAZZ WORKSHOPS by establishing programs in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany, adding to the already up and running workshop series at the Seattle Drum School in Seattle, WA.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Hans Fahling
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