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The T.Colburn Sideshow Mass Bass Choir

On April 28, 2002 at 7PM Composer Todd Colburn is bringing to Sideshow Gallery The Mass Bass Choir. This is the second annual presentation of the event. The T.Colburn Sideshow Mass Bass Choir consists of sixteen acoustic bassists. They will perform the world premier of "A Sky of Basses". The composition is based on 24 sections that are non defined from absolute pitch, rhythm and tempo perspectives. Pitch, rhythm,tempo and the movement from section to section are defined through conduction by the composer. Consequently the piece becomes a conducted improvisation using schema. The performance will be recorded and video taped in preparation for CD release and an audio sculpture. This is Mr.Colburn’s second year of musical residence at Sideshow. On the last Sunday of each month beginning in December of 1999 he has been presenting new works at the gallery with the T.Colburn Sideshow Bass Choir. The monthly choir consists of six (sometimes more) acoustic basses. On April 24, 2001 (Charles Mingus birthday, appropriately) he presented the Sideshow Mass Bass Choir for the first time. They performed "A Field of Basses", which resulted in a CD (available at the gallery in a signed limited edition) and an audio sculpture (the Field of Basses). Both the listener and the performer find their own worlds in this music. They find their way in it, they find their way through it. Please find your way to Sideshow April 28, 7PM.

Born in California, raised in Chicago and doing in Brooklyn.

"...makes complex harmonies accessible and avantgarde experimentation appealing to a general audience"
- Chicago Tribune

" of Chicago’s finest avantgardists"
-Chicago Sun Times

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Todd Colburn
  • Event Date: 4/28/2002
  • Subtitle: Press Release
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