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The Trane Studio

Caliban Arts Theatre and The Trane Studio present:

The Afrikan Millennium and Cultural Arts Feastival

Afrikan Millennium Cultural Arts Feastival, a mixture of Afro-centric Music, Film, and Visual Arts, continues with another week of concerts and events, including two performances by Kahil El Zabar and Hamiet Bluiett, and the Black Underground tribute to Clifford Brown and Dizzy Gillespie.

The Black Underground Project, a series of tribute concerts, showcasing musical legends of the past and present, continues at the Trane. This week includes the finale of the ongoing Miles Davis tribute, featuring Nick ‘Brownman’ Ali, and Alexander Brown featured in a joint tribute to Clifford Brown and Dizzy Gillespie.

With more than 80 professional concerts, the Arts Feastival offers a wealth of experience in Afrikan musical contributions of every genre, performed by both local and international artists.

The Trane Studio is a venue for artists and audiences interested in experiencing Jazz as vibrant and contemporary music. The Trane Studio is a dedicated supporter of the local music scene, of Toronto art events, and of innovation and growth in contemporary Jazz.

Upcoming Events: November 26 December 2

Nov 26: Redlight Poetry, A Conversation with Frances-Anne Solomon and Film: What My Mother Told Me ($10)

Nov 27: Black Underground Tribute to Clifford Brown and Dizzy Gillespie, with Alexander Brown ($10)

Nov 28: Kingsley Ettienne Quartet ($10)

Nov 29: Adam Solomon and Tikisa ($10)

Nov 30: Black Underground Tribute to Miles Davis (5) dir. Nick ‘Brownman’ Ali ($15)

Dec 1, 9:30pm: Kahil El Zabar and Hamiet Bluiett ($25)

Dec 2, 7:00Pm: Kahil El Zabar and Hamiet Bluiett ($25)

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kahil El Zabar & Hamiet Bluiett
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