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"In The Spotlight"

Ron "Trackman" Carter a Master Drummer, and Multi-Instrumentalist keyboard player, songwriter, and arranger/producer has made his mark and clearly falls into the ‘artist deserving of greater exposure category’ says Industry Insider Keith "Red Dog" Napier and Ron Carter's brand new UrbanFunkHopJazz CD "I Want To Jam For Ya" is a clear example why. Ron demonstrates his gift for making funky hip-hop jazz melodies. The Fayetteville, North Carolina native now residing in Charlotte, N.Carolina is creating quite a buzz, Ron was inducted into the National Registers of Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals 2003/2004 Edition and has been voted number one on internet music sites and and currently in the top ten charts on internet BroadJam. You can hear Ron Carter’s music at these links:

*1."Jam For Ya"
2."I've Been Waiting"
3."A Fixx"
5."All About U Girl"
(* "Jam For Ya" went to number #1 on * "Soul" went to #1 on jazz charts for charlotte &

Website: for info on where to purchase Hot New UrbanFunkhop/Jazz CD"Jam For Ya"

Ron Carter made his mark in the U.S working with renown artist such as Keith Washington, Johnny P from the Rap group "Do or Die" featuring Scarface, J-Sly, female recording act RAW, Double Impact. Experience has been Ron’s teacher in this often-cutthroat music business, which by the way, didn’t get the best of Ron Carter. After a rough and disappointing music industry ride he showed resilience and perseverance and recreated himself by amercing his life into hands of "God" and his music, creating his new album release " I Want To Jam For You". Which is a testimonial of his passion and hard work. When asked, what is your motivation? Ron without hesitation responds "My Faith In God". Ron says: "since my father passed away I have given my life to the Lord. I spend my time creating music from within, music that I think people will enjoy and relate to. My music is a combination of all the styles of music I love including Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, and Funk. Some say that my music is a cross between Neo Soul and Hip Hop. Everyone seems to enjoy my music, which is its own reward. I thank God everyday, for that!"

The new Album entitled Urbanfunkhopjazz contains 15 songs. From the title track "Jam For Ya" a funky jazz tune that will keep you grooving and your foot tapping to "I’ve Been Waiting" a slow groove for the lady’s with a smooth melodic hook sung by Ron is sure to get you in the mood. Ron’s new CD explores many different sides of his musical personality including the integration of contemporary jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, and R&B elements into his performance style and compositions. An eclectic merging of different sounds that set Ron’s music apart from the norm. This CD is a must for your collection. Currently Ron is working on his new projects which includes an hot r&b artist called "Drop" which has a smooth street flavor with that commercial edge, and two hot new rap artist, "D Hussle" and a 10 yrs old little superstar rapper called "GT" and A Hot New Young Female Artist named "Chantelle" also and Urban hit Funkhop/Jazz sinlge entitled "Iam Luv" and two Prophetic Funkhop Gospel songs entitle "Pepertrator" and "A Change Is Gonna Come. When he’s not in the studio, Ron is hard at work dealing with developing his music business, developing a strong infrastructure for the future. He believes good business skills are a must for survival in this game of music.

What’s in the future for Ron Carter? Ron says: "I have a strong catalog of music productions including Rap&Roll*, Pop, Funk, Jazz-Fusion, R&B, Blues, Rap, Hip Hop, and Gospel tracks. I’m getting a lot of calls from Recording Artists and Record Labels who are expressing interests; I’m taking things slow. I want to make sure that whatever direction I take is positive and productive. I have surrounded my self with honest professional people who have my best interests in mind. Napier feels "Ron "Trackman" Carter of Funkhopmusic is sure to be one of the most sought after premier Super Producers of the New Millennium, and compares Ron with great producer/song writers as Gamble & Huff, La Reid, Geoge Duke, Marcus Miller, Quicy jones, Joe, D’ Angelo ect .

If you are interested in Ron "Trackman" Carter’s music, Funkhopmusic Inc. at 704-567-7553. or 704-293-7928 Email all inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Ron Carter
  • Subtitle: In The SpotLight
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