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U.S.E. Angiola, the new CD of Marco Esu

The Art of Marco Esu in the world. A new CD written and interpreted from "Marco Esu" is introduced today; (guitarist and composer), its job introduces ten songs for guitar in a style between classic music and the jazz, its infuences are many and its artistic distances see collaborations with many artists of several kinds, after many years of productions of Marco and many works in order to introduce its work artistic musical, hour can finally be found a produced CD of international production from the "Idyllium s.n.c. Ed.Mus.& discografiche" that from Milan assets from years in the musical market and above all in the field of the sonorous columns are a record house and that produces the CD "U.S.E. Angiola", which has entrusted the license of sale and production for the nations like l'Australia, U.K., U.S.A., Canada and New Zeland, entrusting the devout production to "Blue Pie Productions", that Australian record house is one, the presentation of the artist "Marco Esu" it is optimal and it is introduced and compared to guitarists like "Pat Metheny", "Jorge Benson"... This is a competitive edge for the artist. This is possible to have detailed information more visiting several the situated ones like that the artist staff "Marco Esu" that it is present also in other situated ones web like that one of "Blue Pie Productions" ( , a short one I point out to the devout history of "Blue Pie Productions") (a short one I point out to the history of the Idyllium of the Sabino Mogavero) in these two situated ones web can be had many information and possession also the contacts for being able to have the CD that is present hour in the musical market. Some you leave important are the situated ones where the "MP3" of some compositions of the "CD" can be listened (that they are exactly 10), one small work for recorded soloist guitar and beyond to this the artist has cured the recording of the "particular every CD" curing from the fonico point of view, the titles them is several and an example is "Viaggio in Re minore", an other "Blues del Mondo" and "Sarmia", all for having a complete job that the author to decided to make following its feelings and curing like fundamental part of the "CD" the melodies of every song, in fact passes it self appearing simple to more complex compositions, a characteristic and typical part of classic music, between preludes and escapes. I point out to the biography of Marco is due, it is born in 1973 and to the age of 8 years he begins to learn music thanks to its two sisters who studied piano, and that they taught to the first melodies and rudiments to it, in order to see the artist to grow and to write of the small melodies in order then to arrive today with true and own compositions in several styles, in fact it later on collaborates and writes music with to Italian groups like "Axioma", "Wizard", "Slamina", "S.A.A.S.D.N.A". and many collaborations with the single artist, presentations in public with artists of national reputation and the most recent collaborations with the "Blue Pie Productions". Beyond to these particular "Marco Esu" it speaks in its situated one web and in particular in the biography, speaks about three "Masters" who have taught a lot to it and that all of several styles are, in fact humbly does not forget "Antonello Lixi" (guitars of classic music given a degree to and to the conservatory about Rome), guitarist "TITO" ("Patrice Graff ", that it is a guitarist of flamenco), in order then to succeed in to perfect itself with of the course cures from Master "Jorge Cardoso" (a composer to you more than guitarist and an artist of world-wide reputation). Others comments for the Art of Marco, are:

-Evokes a feeling of a sunny, wintry, Sunday afternoon, sitting drinking coffee whilst the world go by. A laid back compilation of music, thought sometimes a feeling of repetition. "Josie Wills".

-Marco Esu, Blue Pie and Idyllium enter into an agreement to license Marco Esu's music. Marco Esu was bon in Sardinia, he began to study guitar and music at 8 years old. Marco quickly rose to distinction at his school with numerous compositions being well received. His style is a blend music. In 1994 Marco won the best solo guitarist category at the Sardinia. Contest of Music for his version of J.Satriani "Midnight. Marco has played with many leading artists including Salmain, Wizard and Axioma. Marco is busy preparing his new album and working on various film scores with the Blue Pie team.

Please feel free to visit Marco's website, and download the recent live solo performance of arco at the sardinia Fashion show. We look forward to a long and successful association with Marco... "Bue Pie staff".

-it is possible to have detailed information more visiting several the situated ones like that staff of the artist "Marco Esu" who is present also in other situated ones web like that one of the "Idyllium" and of the "Blue Pie Productions"

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  • Artist / Group Name: Marco Esu
  • Subtitle: The Art of Marco Esu in the world.
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