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5th Ave Fashion Show features trumpeter Mark Rapp's CD

Blanc de Chine, located on New York's prestigious Fifth Avenue, is a high-end fashion retailer whose clothing and accessories rival Armani, Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss and others. Devotees of this Hong Kong-based fashion house - including celebrities Eva Longoria, Michelle Yeoh, Juliette Binoche, Tiger Woods, and Chris Tucker - are attracted to the label for its gorgeous designs, undeniable mystique and sophisticated take on international fashion.

At this week's Fall Fashion show, Blanc de Chine has chosen to feature jazz trumpeter Mark Rapp's debut record Token Tales for its accompanying music. Rapp commented, "It is a tremendous honor that such a distinguished brand chose my music to compliment their artistry - it's fantastic feedback on my musical endeavors." One of Blanc de Chine's philosophies reads, "Taking inspirations from the past, modernizing them by looking into the future and creating something for the present to achieve a notion of timelessness. Going beyond visual aesthetics to evoke a total brand experience... sight, sound... thought." What Blanc de Chine achieves in fashion, Mark Rapp achieves in music - they are two complimentary forces which together create a tremendously rewarding experience. 

For those lucky enough to attend the show on October 15th in New York, the VIP gift bags will include a uniquely cobranded sampler CD of Token Tales and general attendee gift bags will include a special web site link where they can download a free track from Token Tales. It is a truly innovative time in the music industry where brands are taking on roles traditionally held by labels. Investing in talent with a much broader relationship than just licensing a song for a commercial. Brands are moving at a rapid pace to support and partner with artists in order to bolster their image, attract and grow clientele and gain the cache dynamic artists can bring. This is one of those situations.

For more information on Blanc de Chine and Mark Rapp, contact:
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TK Public Relations
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Clothing by: Blanc de Chine
Photo by: Keith Driggers (

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mark Rapp
  • Press Release Date: 10/15/2009
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