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A Clear Eye View

When my daughter was much younger and still in middle school, my wife and I received several notes from one of her teachers telling us that Aubree (our daughter) was disrupting her class by talking too much. We found the teachers comments hard to believe, since something like this had never happened to her before at school. This went on for several weeks during the semester and we continued to ignore this teacher and her comments for weeks throughout the semester. Since we had not received any other reports or complaints from Aubree’ other teachers, we just blew it off as just a bad parent, teacher, and child chemistry, which does happen from time to time. We ignored these notes and letters until we could not do so any longer and a parent teacher conference was scheduled.

Only after several intense conversations, personal opinions and a complete analysis had the real problem surfaced. Yes, Aubree had been talking in class to her neighbors sitting around her and yes she had been scolded by the teacher to stop which she did until the teacher started writing on the board again.

Then and only then did it occur to me that Aubree was not trying to disrupt the class, Aubree could not see the chalk board and was asking her friends to help her see what the teacher was writing.

Sure enough a scheduled visit to the optometrist revealed what a normal person could see at 50 feet, Aubree had to be within 5ft. This is when the tears started to flow! How could we have allowed our daughter to suffer so long? How would we have known? There were no ear, eye, nose and throat type analysis at the beginning of the school year. To us as new parents, there were no clear signs, nothing besides the normal bond and close proximity of parent and child.

To me, Jazz and All About serve as key components, our eye glasses to the international world of jazz.

For most jazz aficionados, and certainly for a jazz impresario, these are the sources and resources used to keep on top of the world of jazz. Yes, there are other publications out there but to me they play a different role in my simple illustration. It’s like the teacher that is quick to write off or discipline the student before a thorough analysis is made. Maybe the eyes of jazz lovers and critics like the optometrist should be used as a greater resource to expose and connect the jazz world on both sides of the ocean verses creating a great chasm. What do we have to loose? We have everything to gain. I receive just as much inspiration from visiting these websites as I do listening to jazz, finding out about a new artist, hearing about the release of a new CD or reading press releases like this to promote jazz.

PCAMI* take this time to thank our dot com websites for supporting us in 2005 and in turn we celebrate the music of Roberto Magris Europlane and the CD "Check-In" selected by USA Jazz Critics as One of the Top CD’s of 2005! We look forward to another year and your clear view of jazz. ###

For more information about Roberto Magris Europlane and to sample some of his music please visit our website@

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roberto Magris
  • Press Release Date: 1/6/2006
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