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Bill McBirnie - Canadian Jazz & Latin Flutist

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Here are two interesting new CD projects on which Bill McBirnie has appeared recently and which you can have a listen to:

(1) FRED ENGLER'S NEW CD: Composer/keyboardist, Fred Engler, has released an excellent debut smooth jazz CD entitled, SINCE THEN TILL NOW. He has tapped both New York session players (including saxophonist, Andy Snitzer) and a host of Toronto musicians (including drummer/keyboardist Dima Graziani, guitarists Lou Bartolomucci and Tony Zorzi, drummer Mark Kelso, bassist Rich Brown and trumpeter/arranger, Tony Carlucci). Bill is honoured to be guesting on a few tracks of what is an extremely well-produced project. You can check out the CD - including the track, "MEET ME IN RIO" (which includes some extended flute improv at the 3:00 minute mark and will likely be of interest to flutists, doublers,...vocalists,...indeed,...anyone...) on Fred's MySpace page which is located here:

(2) LOUIS SIMAO'S WINNING COMPOSITION: Louis Simao is a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer in the jazz and Latin - particularly Lusophone/Portuguese - idioms. (His debut CD with David French, entitled FAIA, is outstanding and has received excellent reviews.) Louis recently posted one of his new compositions, "FADO TORTO", which was the First Prize winner in the World Music category of the USA Song Writing Competition. Louis performs this piece with David Gouveia on cajon & percussion (who is very groovy), Bill (doing all the flute fills) and Louis (on everything else). As you will see, Louis is a singular talent - but with a multitude of facets. You can hear "FADO TORTO" at Louis' MySpace page which is located here:

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  • Artist / Group Name: Bill McBirnie
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