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Candye Kane-Superhero Blues Vocalist Wins The Battle

Hollywood, CA-July 6, 2009-Candye Kane Superhero is the name of the original song and the title of her recently released CD for Delta Groove records.

Superhero is Candye’s tenth CD and most significant to date. After fighting off deadly pancreatic cancer over the last year, it is an understatement to say that this recording is a miracle. The title of the CD applies literally and the blues never sounded more relevant for Candye and her fans.

With a career spanning two decades Ms. Kane has earned her keep in life and as a standout blues vocalist, earning the most esteemed acknowledgement from her peers by being nominated for a 2008 National Blues Foundation Award for Best Blues Contemporary Female. Awards and accolades pale in comparison after surviving cancer and then to turn around and record another album is a tribute to the resiliency of Kane and her ever growing legacy.

Superhero hit the streets on June 17th and the feedback has been positive. said "With renewed energy and a new lease on life Candye now makes her triumphant return with Superhero, her most personal and rewarding effort to date.

Superhero was produced by Kane and 26 year old guitar virtuoso Laura Chavez who also plays in her live band. The CD features guest performances by Kid Ramos, Dave Gonzales and Mitch Kashmar along with Kanes' rhythm section featuring eldest son, Evan Caleb on drums and bass veteran, Paul Loranger.

Candye is a warrior of life and the music industry and Superhero is the culmination of those experiences. The blues cooks along and so does Candye, sounding as emotive and passionate as ever.

Visit the new Candye Kane website for detailed biographical information, media and more.

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