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CJeff Releases New Indie Album Positive

Christopher Leighton Christopher Leighton

July 10, 2006--New York, New York-- Christopher Leighton, known as the performing artist Cjeff, hails from the Bronx, New York. He has been performing and recording for three decades, taking the influences of such artists as Mark Knopfler, Pat Metheny, Weather Report, George Gershwin, Keith Emerson, Thelonius Monk, Alan Holdsworth, Van Halen, and Lee Rittenour to formulate his own distinctive sound.

An accomplished guitarist, Christopher also plays bass and keyboards, combining these with synthesizer and percussion tracks on his new release Positive. With his diverse experience and deep well of musical influences to draw from, Cjeff combines a lifetime of music and emotions into a contemporary jazz-fusion and tasty pop stew. This music will certainly find a place in any music lover's home as well as realizing its niche in the world of cinema and recording studios for sampling.

It is Leighton's goal to provide an eclectic mix of recorded sounds readily accessible for artists and producers alike to manipulate for multimedia or recording projects.

After years on the road performing a spectrum of music ranging from show tunes to jazz, Cjeff has traded the stage for the studio, settling back into his home state of New York with his partner Lidia, five parrots and other pets, to create and record the "soundtracks of my life that play in my mind." Positive is the first result of this new path and certainly there will be more to come soon. Composing is his passion, providing a wealth of music to both fans for listening pleasure and the entertainment world, where there is a multitude of uses for his productions. It is clear Christopher Leighton has taken the first Positive step in the right direction toward an exciting and fulfilling career in composing and recording. The CD is available at CD Baby,,, and


Christopher Leighton

18 Center Dr

Mahopac, NY 10541

Phone: 845-208-7081



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