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Dani Gurgel: Agora released

Dani Gurgel's long awaited release "Agora" was recently released on ArtistShare on September 16th. It features a wide range of talented, Brazilian composers mixing traditional styles with modern grooves, all while featuring the fantastic voice of Dani Gurgel.

Watch this amazing band, and take a listen to what they have to say about the music and the new project:

In Dani's own words:

This project is inspired on the series of concerts 'Dani Gurgel and the New Composers' and will feature many young and talented Brazilian composers and musicians, singing and playing along with me.

By participating on this project, you will have an inside view to producing this album, since the selection of the songs to the cover art. We will be sharing every aspect of what we do, and put it all on video, audio, photos and a journal, all in English and Portuguese. And, as soon as you enter the project, you'll already be able to download the 2007 album 'Dani Gurgel'.

Besides all album offers, you may purchase the 2009 Live 'Bootleg' Participant, and get virtual access to all our 2009 gigs (exclusive videos and photos of concerts and rehearsals, interviews with the musicians and audience, three full concerts on mp3, a tour journal...).

This project's name, Agora, means Now. But, right below that first meaning, there's Ágora, a place in Athens, where citizens would gather to make art and democracy. That's what we intend to do: gather people, as much as we can, to make an album that we all believe in.

My last album's name, 'Nosso', means 'Ours'. That's the feeling we want to expand on this one, that's not only about the composers and musicians involved, but it's about the fans too: we want you to feel you're part of this project, by participating, asking questions, leaving comments, watching and downloading all content on your offer, and funding it.

This is not my album, it's ours, and we're doing it together from scratch.

I hope you will join me as a Participant!

Make sure to participate in this exciting project today for the inside look into the whole project, and to experience the diverse music of this great group of composers.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dani Gurgel
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