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Daughter of Chubby Jackson Launches Jazz Radio Show

(PRWEB) August 7, 2005 -- Jaijai Jackson of Five String Productions recently launched her own jazz radio show through as the "Woman of Jazz." Jackson brings her experience and background to the benefit of launching new independent jazz artists on worldwide radio. is the official independent music supporter of all genres of music. Her format encompasses traditional swing jazz from her father's era, along with giving the platform to the new up-and-coming jazz artists of today. She is actively seeking new artists to promote on her show that align with the format of the music she showcases.

"I believe in the strategies that employs to support the independent artist that would like to get their projects out to the world. stands for X-ing out the radio industry. It's hard enough to get a record deal much less get your music heard on the radio. From my experience, I find that the solutions that offers are the best yet to new jazz artists today who want to get their music heard for minimum marketing dollars. This is why I aligned myself with such a fantastic source of radio programming and marketing because I believe in this process," Jackson states.

Jaijai plans to bring in celebrity jazz musicians to mentor the new artists of today, as well as showcasing their current CD projects. Only three weeks into its launch, jazz greats Marvin Stamm, Terry Gibbs, Nicolas Payton, Dennis Rowland, James Moody, Bradley Leighton and Frankie Capp are slated to appear on Jackson's "Woman of Jazz" show.

"I am very excited to be standing in the gap for the new artist and even more elated to have the jazz masters of today lending their musical knowledge and support to the new jazz artists of tomorrow, all on my show," Jackson says. "I know my father, Chubby Jackson, would be very proud to know that I'm helping to keep jazz alive and that makes my heart happy."

You can tune into Jackson's show at Monday through Friday from 8pm to 10pm, Pacific Standard time. Jaijai can be contacted through her website at regarding any new artists that would like to be considered for her show.

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