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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Dave Allen Quartet brings together some of the best young talent that New York City has to offer. Their debut recording, Untold Stories, documents a well-crafted group sound rarely found in music today. These compositions are brought to life by the musician’s subtlety and virtuosity. Saxophonist Seamus Blake is one of the most respected players of his generation and brings a vibrant and poetic sensibility to the group. Bassist Carlo DeRosa and drummer Mark Ferber have been playing with Allen for many years and bring a common language of creativity and intensity to each piece.

Dave Allen is one of the more distinctive voices on his instrument today. He has continually sought to forge a unique vision through his playing and writing, one that features lyrical melodies with lilting, complex rhythms and rich, intricate harmonies. At the age of 16, Allen was already recognized by Guitar Player Magazine as a talent to watch. Born in Philadelphia, Allen moved to New York in 1988 to attend the Manhattan School of Music. Leading his own groups for the past 15 years, Allen has increasingly made his presence felt on the New York scene. In the past few years Allen has worked with many of the most exciting young players in New York City, including Chris Cheek, Sam Newsome, Donny McCaslin, Mark Shim, Eric McPherson, Dennis Irwin, John Riley, Matt Wilson, and many others.

Untold Stories presents nine original compositions which are like nine chapters in a novel. The labyrinth-like stories are poetic and challenging with their energy, thoughtfulness, and complexity.

Words about Dave Allen:

"A number of tracks [on Untold Stories], including 'In Some Human City", ''Paradigm Shift" and "Out Of The Trap" have melodies that etched themselves in my mind. The music is full of subtlety. Allen has no seeming limit to his technique, but he always puts it to good musical ends. His lines are full of twists and turns, but I always hear thought and emotion, not just flying fingers." -Budd Koppman,

"There is a true sensuality to the guitarist’s sound. On the new Untold Stories, he brings a pearly tone to a piece called Searching, unfolding his lines with an edge-of-your-seat stealth. His weekly trio gig is one of the scene’s overlooked treats."
-Jim Macnie

"Cagey guitarist, Dave Allen, works the labyrinths of his complex tunes."
-Village Voice

" combines a poetic sensibility with a penchant for intellectually challenging ideas."
- All About Jazz Magazine

"Superlative technique full of good ideas" - Guitar Player Magazine

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  • Artist / Group Name: Dave Allen
Dave Allen

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