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Dayve Stewart - Saxophonist

Album Release

TALLAHASSEE, FL, July 25, 2005 - Dayve Stewart is pleased to announce the release of his debut album entitled Feel Me. Feel Me can best be described as "funky jazz" with strong melodies. His melodies are also very memorable for both the trained and untrained ear. Feel Me is an album targeted for everyone to enjoy. Dayve wrote these songs for everyone to relate to.

Dayve is not only enjoyable to listen to, but also enjoyable to watch. A live performance offers listeners a full dose of his personality. The emotion that Dayveputs into his playing is captivating. The energy he gives off is catching and leaves an audience wanting more.

About David Stewart

Dayve Stewart, Saxophonist, is currently working on a Commercial Music degree with a minor in Business at the Florida State University. He is a member of both the FSU Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Combo. Prior to his studies at FSU, Dayve attended Howard W. Blake High School of the Performing Arts in Tampa, FL.

In the beginning of his musical journey, Dayve performed with Sonny La Rosa and America’s Youngest Jazz Band at the age of 12. David performed at the Essentially Ellington Festival at the Lincoln Center in New York, NY with his high school. Other noteworthy performances include opening for Craig Chaquico and performances with artists like Belinda Womack, Charles Wilson III (keyboardist for the Backstreet Boys), Eric Darius, Dee Dee Bridgewater (2000 Clearwater Jazz Festival), Sean Hill, etc.

Dayve was involved with every aspect of the making of his CD entitled Feel Me including producing and mixing. His work was not limited to only playing saxophone. Dayve also played keys as well as programming percussion, strings, and bass. Dayve wrote all but two songs on his album and exposes his heart and soul through his CD hoping that you will understand and feel him.

To inquire for booking or to obtain updates on upcoming concerts, go to or call (813) 966-7430. You can also email for information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Side Note: This concert was attended by The Smooth Sound of Tallahassee WJZT 97.9 as well as myself and many others. I had the pleasure, that night, of sitting next to a gentleman that I had seen at a previous performance. I told the gentleman that I had seen Dayve perform many times before, but each time is like a first time for me. The gentleman recalled seeing me at another venue the week before and told me that he thought Dayve Stewart and The Vibe was inspirational. He went on to tell me that he hadn’t touched his guitar since 2000 after the passing of his daughter and that he was inspired to go home and pick up his instrument after a five year hiatus. I was then asked why Dayve was still only playing in Tallahassee and not even in his hometown of Tampa, FL.

This brought me to the internet where I found a bio of another saxophone player from the same hometown around the same time that was almost identical to Dayve’s. Dayve is an inspirational and entertaining performer. Let’s make some room.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dayve Stewart
  • Press Release Date: 7/20/2005
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