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Download the music of the Clarinettist Luca Luciano

Luca Luciano is very much appreciated in the UK and overseas for his unique style and the quality of his compositions ("Masterful Clarinet" by Musician Magazine) and this latest project keeps faith to his uncompromised and sometimes controversial approach to jazz and the will to experiment and promote contemporary music.

Luciano strongly believes in the "internet revolution" and the chance it gives to independent artists. His latest recordings "Clarinet", in fact, are available to the public in limited edition only and they are mainly aimed at the on-line download market.

The main theme of the project is the composer Igor Stravinsky and in particular The Rite of Spring which has inspired Luciano so much. As a homage to the great Russian composer, some small quotations are present from his music.

Luciano's sound has been built on a vintage Bb Buffet clarinet which bears more keys and rings (20 keys and 7 rings) than the regular French clarinet (generally 17-18 keys and 6 rings) and goes a semitone lower as well. The instrument, then, is slightly longer than an A clarinet which explains its darker tone, versatility and more hybrid tone, almost like a Basset Clarinet, that fits so much Lucas style. Yet the extra keys and extension give him the chance to create sound effects otherwise almost impossible to generate.

The CD also includes the famous "Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo" by Stravinsky and an arrangement for five clarinets of the Coltrane's tune "Naima".

It is now possible to download Luca's music on most of the major independent on-line distributions and you can get full details about it simply following the link

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Luca Luciano
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