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Ed Maly Releases Sixth Blues Rock Album Best Kept Secrets On Hot Texas Tunes

Ed Maly Ed Maly

Sugarland, Texas-February 18, 2008-Ed Maly picks up where he left off with Walking Shoes Blues (2006) by releasing another one of his down-home barnstorming blues-rock albums on his own indie label Hot Texas Tunes titled Best Kept Secrets.

Maly kicks up some dust with a steadfast band and treats his fan base with favorite live tracks "C.C. Rider", "Matilda", and "Barefootin.' To keep things light he gets your feet stomping and encourages some genuine belly laugh with "Mr. Ed," a spin on the popular 60’s sitcom about a talking horse. Then he and the boys poke fun in biblical proportions with "Give Me Back My Rib."

Ed Maly enjoys his life and wants to make sure the people that hear all of his music know that. There are no problems conveying a sense of levity in the way the music comes across to the listeners, staying the course and tradition of the blues with the ironic twists and humor only the genre can offer.

Fair warning to his faithful fans, this CD is so much fun it flies by and before you know it, it is time to give it another spin. As they say, if the shoe fits, wear it. Ed Maly and his band make it such an easy fit for anyone that loves blues-rock from the heart of Texas.

You can find out more about Best Kept Secrets and the Ed Maly back catalog by visiting his website.

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Telephone: (281) 242-4939

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