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Enjoy Life Magazine Features the Amazing Ms. Pamela Hart!

Pamela Hart Pamela Hart

Recently, Austin's First Lady of Jazz, Ms. Pamela Hart had the wonderful pleasure to "sit down" with Ms. Lakesha S. Woods, Editor of Enjoy Life Magazine for an engaging and enlightening conversation. Ms. Woods was able to accurately and sincerely capture the essence of the amazing Pamela Hart and the results of the "sit down" are featured in the latest edition of Enjoy Life Magazine. We invite you to read Pamela's feature in the monthly Music Box Feature at Pamela said, It takes a certain intelligence to listen to jazz and it takes a person who get it. Jazz it chooses you". "With Jazz its a chemistry you plan on the music being correct but you can't plan on some breaks happening or jiving with somebody. You have to be willing to expose yourself so people can see who you are trying to be. After enjoying the Feature on Pamela, enjoy the other Features available in the Magazine ( With a title like "Enjoy Life Magazine" this automatically prepares the unconscious mind to expect entertainment! Enjoy Life certainly has that part covered with columns like "Music Box" which features celebrities. Unsigned Hype featuring the aspiring artist. "Relate to Love" addresses relationship issues and offers solutions. Literary Box News delivers community events. "Poets Pad" and "Creatively Written" features poetry and short stories from aspiring writers. The magezine’s latest edition "Game Point" allows readers to transform into viewers by means of a media player which automatically updates and delivers Sports News from well established stations like NBC, FOX & CNN.

Visit other Official Websites dedicated to Pamela at, and Enjoy The Gift of Music! William Jackson W. Jackson & Associates, LLC Publicity for Ms. Pamela Hart P.O. Box 1307 Round Rock, TX 78680 512-786-2364 (CST) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Pamela Hart
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