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Eurogallery live-art event

Eurogallery Live Art events

Introducing the latest in the series of live art events from Eurogallery.

"From Harlem to Hollywood"

Dear art lovers and fellow musicians, this letter is to introduce to you the latest of our special events from Eurogallery Live Art. We are commissioning 12 works of art on the theme "Music".

The title of the first work is "From Harlem to Hollywood" in cooperation with the world renowned jazz vocalist Michael Danso! The commissioned artist is Manfred Hönig.

The expansion of jazz in the early years of its colourful history makes a wonderfully rich subject to treat in a painting, to echo the birth and growth of some of the world’s best loved jazz characters.

From the shadows of dimly lit night-clubs to the bright lights of Hollywood, the history of jazz is a magical story, told through the magnificent melodies created a lifetime ago, breathed into every self-respecting saxophone for an entire generation and living still in the hearts and minds of a new generation of Jazz-men all over the world today.

The names Harold Arlen, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin and many others sound out as being the masters of the syncopated beat, the unmistakable talent of the era’s tunesmiths, forging the new sounds through bass, brass and drums, making thousands of feet tap and dance to the rhythm, writing a part of world history that still continues to evolve.

Capture some of this magic in following the evolution of this new work, in real-time as it is created. With regular updates direct from the artist’s studio, from the blank canvas to the final painting, only through Eurogallery Live Art! The final work will be presented at a prestigious art event and may be purchased. Additionally a limited number of quality lithograph prints will be made available.

Wolfgang Saddey

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Thank you.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Manfred Hoenig
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